Select media appearances

Asma is interviewed, on the nature of fear, by Vsauce Michael Stevens for his Emmy nominated Mind Field

Asma discusses the history and philosophy of monsters on the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Blu-Ray DVD featurette (Warner Bros and Toho).

Asma discusses philosophy of religion with Michael Shermer

Asma and Rami Gabriel discussing their Harvard book The Emotional Mind in Amsterdam (Spui25) Spring 2019.

Asma lectures on monsterology

Asma on religion as emotional therapy

Asma debates Jordan Peterson and others regarding the ethics of fairness

Asma on the evolution of imagination at Univ. of Texas, Dallas

Asma gives a TED Talk on improvisation

Series of philosophy and psychology discussions between Stephen Asma and Rami Gabriel

Asma lecture on the tension between fairness and favoritism

Asma discusses neuroscience and the soul

Asma discusses monster culture on the BBC

Asma discusses the essentials of Buddhist philosophy